Portofino, V.I.P. for a day!

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Portofino, V.I.P. for a day!

Portofino is one of the most beautiful Italian town, the pearl of the Ligurian Riviera, widely considered one of the eight wonders of the world. It ’a small town of no more than 500 residents,embedded in a charming unique bay, a natural amphitheater thathas become legend, the ”Piazzetta” world’s most famous.
Portofino is started in the ’60s, when famous people of “La DolceVita” began to attend to enjoy the sunsets, exclusive parties, breathtaking views from the luxurious villas, like becoming an obligatory stop Porto Cervo, Saint-Tropez, Monte Carlo andCapri.
Portofino is increasingly regarded as an elite residencefrequented by its exclusive guests, extraordinary yachts andsailing events such as the famous ”Zegna Trophy”, and yetretains its timeless beauty and magic.
For those who want to feel VIP for a day or simply enjoy one of the most beautiful harbors in the world, a visit is a must.It is easily accessible by means of land as train and bus, but to fully enjoy the view, the most striking is by boat of the ”MaritimeService of Tigullio” he proposes, between spring and summer, trips that depart from all ports of the Gulf, including SestriLevante. Tickets are also available directly at the front desk of the Hotel Grand Hotel.