Our Massages

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Our Massages


Wellness & Relax in the Hotel


At the 4 * Hotel Grande Albergo in Sestri Levante, a splendid location directly on the sea in Sestri Levante in the Italian Riviera,  we tend to think of massage as a way to pamper our guests, which goes far beyond the momentary well-being of the treatment.
In fact, massage has many important health benefits: it can help keep the body healthy, it can support mental and emotional well-being, especially when it is part of the normal well-being routine.


Which type of massage is right for you?

  • Aesthetic massage
  • Healing massage
  • Sports Massage
  • .......

Each person has their own physical structure and needs. It is often decided to resort to massage techniques to relieve muscle pain, to tone, relax and detoxify the human body.

For this reason there are numerous types of massage with different maneuvers and purposes. Each massage has its own movements and manipulations to be performed on the body. In all massage techniques, in fact, the skin, subcutaneous and muscular organs are touched. Experts can therefore use the fingertips, the palm of the hand, the forearm, the elbow or the feet depending on the type of treatment you are undergoing.

Finding a reason to give yourself a massage can be easy, finding the time to do it might be more difficult.

This is why we suggest you take advantage of your stay by the sea, in our beautiful Ligurian Riviera, to pamper yourself by booking a massage that will help your body to maintain its state of relaxation, the muscles to remain flexible even during periods of physical activity and stress. mental and your mood to be positive.