Portofino - Travel Tips

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Portofino - Travel Tips

Portofino, the most famous village in the Tigullio Gulf, is located in a picturesque bay and surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub.

Portofino  was founded during the Roman Empire with the name of Portus Delphini, maybe due to the massive presence of these friendly mammals in the Tigullio Gulf.

The famous little square is probably the most famous place of the town because of its celebrities frequentation, but we must not forget the two beautiful churches of San Martino and San Giorgio, and the Brown Castle.

Portofino is easily accessible from Sestri Levante, you can choose whether to go by boat or by train and bus.

The direct boat service is available from April to the first week of October, and not every day, the service is subject to weather conditions. 

So what we suggest to do, is to catch the train from Sestri Levante, there is a regional train every 45 minutes starting at 8:04  at a cost of € 2.70 per adult each way, and once you reach Santa Margherita Ligure, you can walk 1 hour till Portofino, the itinerary is very easy and flat or through the bus 82, the frequency is every 30 minutes and the cost for the ticket is € 1.80 per person per way.

Alternatively to enjoy panoramic views on the Tigullio Gulf seen from the perspective of the sea there are the boats of the Servizio Marittimo del Tigullio, the departure from Santa Margherita begin at 9.15 hourly (with some limitations in the off season) at a cost of € 6.50 per person for a single trip and € 9.50 for the round trip. The return trips from Portofino start at 12.00 and, as above with limitations due to seasonality, there is a boat every hour till 19.00

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