Suggerimento per spedizione cartoline
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Suggerimento per spedizione cartoline

Good morning to everybody, 


Second week information, we want to add a small post because some customers have told us about a problem that occurs quite often in the shipment of the cards, in fact, when people buy postcards in the Cinque Terre often they buy stamps as well, but in addition to pay more (€ 1.30 instead of € 0.70 for shipments to Italy, and € 1.00 for overseas shipments), there is a particular constraint on the expedition, in fact, with that stamp, postcards can only be pocketed at Five lands. So we suggest you,  not to incur penalties and missed deliveries, regardless of the locations of purchase of the cards, to buy stamps and send them from Sestri Levante...

Hope we have given you a useful suggestion..

The staff