What you can do in case of rain...
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What you can do in case of rain...

Today we would like to give you some advice on what to do while you are staying at our hotel in case of rain, because unfortunately this summer seems a bit 'dancer.

Sestri Levante has a strategic position, in fact you can reach both with train or car many interesting places in a few minutes.

So if by chance it rains, it is not particularly hot or if you want to do something different, we propose you to….



- Genoa: there is almost every hour a train from the station of Sestri Levante to Genova, there are two kind of trains, the regional one (cheaper) or intercity one (slightly more expensive), if you get off in Genoa Prince in a few minutes you can get to the Porto Antico (Old Harbour), the area had been redeveloped in the late nineties, and there you’ll be able to find a big number of excellence and uniqueness of the Ligurian Capital, there are in fact the Aquarium, the Galata Museum of the Sea, the City of Children, the Biosphere and Bigo (a beautiful panoramic lift). Depending on the number of attractions you decide to visit this excursion requires one full day.

- Musel Sestri Levante: A few steps far from our hotel, and precisely in Corso Colombo, there is a wonderful interactive museum dedicated to the history of Sestri Levante, was recently renovated and allow you to discover Sestri Levante from prehistory to the present day, with a particular attention to the folklore!

- Chiavari: it is a beautiful town a few stops away by train or bus far from Sestri Levante, it is also recommended to visit it in rainy weather since its old town is all feasible under the arcades, it is full of shops where you can go shopping


It remains of course the opportunity to do the same trips by car that would train.

We also recommend that you visit

- Shoppin Brugnato: it is a shopping center located at the exit of Brugnato (about 30 km from Sestri Levante), where you can find some of the most famous brand in Italy and even culinary excellence of Liguria


Of course we hope it does not rain... but they are all activities that could make your stay more enjoyable!

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