WHYCI Milano - Boutique YC Portofino
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WHYCI Milano - Boutique YC Portofino

Portofino is a village in the Italian Riviera Coast known  all over the world for its elegance and refinement, for its scenic beauty, for its traditions but also and above all for its luxury boutiques.


The iconic marina overlooking the crystalline waters of the protected marine area is also one of the most chic destinations in Italy, frequented by entrepreneurs, royal families and celebrities.


We present a shopping gem:  Whyci Milano - Boutique YC Portofino

Address:                                              Calata Marconi, 16, 16034 Portofino

Website:                                              Boutique YC Portofino


The Whyci collections are born first of all from the deep knowledge of raw materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, linen and cotton that are mixed to identify the best combinations of softness and comfort.


The Italian production is of the highest quality, the weight, the texture and the hand of the yarns are the source of inspiration for creations that are enriched from time to time, the result of the experience and tradition of an entire territory.


Whyci is a great made in Italy symbol of a timeless class.